How you can help

  • Sponsor an FFC child for $12 per month
  • Send a one-time donation
  • Hold a fund-raising event

To make a donation online Canadians can click on the CanadaHelps logo below.

Tax receipts from CanadaHelps will be emailed to you.

Canadians can also donate using E-Transfers sent to

USA residents may donate through JustGive

Donors can print a statement summarizing donations for tax purposes.

Or if you wish, you can donate by mail. .
Canadians can mail their donation to:

FFC Sandra Simpson
111 Roseheath Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 3P6

Americans can mail their donation to:

FFC-USA Leo Dodds
P.O. Box 305
Stockton, NJ

Sponsorship Plans

General Program

Under this plan you receive news about all the FFC, homes and information about a variety of children. This plan enables the sponsors to see the kind of work we do, the quality of care our children receive, and the results of their support.

Specific Program

This plan is the same as the General except you receive the background information and a photo of a specific child and you may, if you wish, be in direct contact with the child. Because the cost of supporting a child is more than $12.00 a month, many of the children are sponsored by more than one sponsor. This applies especially to the special needs children and the older children who are going to school.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please email Sandra at

Sponsorship is a great way for schools, churches, groups or families to learn about life in another country. Our newsletter is produced by our volunteers and tells about life at our projects. If you are sponsoring under the Specific plan, you will receive news about a specific child, too. Sandra works fulltime with the sponsorship along with her daughter, Mai-lien. We welcome letters or emails concerning specific children, fundraising or anything else to do with FFC.

You will receive a tax receipt for your sponsorship payments. We do not send out reminders and we would be grateful if you would keep a record of your payments by checking the due dates on the mailing labels. There is no time limit on the sponsorship program. You may sponsor for as long or short a time as you wish. We would appreciate it if you would advise us when you wish to discontinue sponsoring, or if you have a change of address.

All donations are tax-deductible in Canada or the US, depending on where you send your donation.

Please note that FFC does not employ professional fundraisers. All money from donors and sponsors goes to support the FFC projects in India and Bangladesh.